Quality systems


Castall started as an ISO 9000 certified company. After the companies focus moved towards Automotive the Quality System were upgraded to QS 9000 in 2003. Castall has subsequently upgraded itself to TS 16949 in 2006 to ensure that the products and process are supported with the best quality systems for automotive.

Castalls Management believes in Top-Down approach. The management of Castall is trained as Champion in 6 sigma. The company has an in-house 6 Sigma Black belt trained by the Master Black Belts from USA. The company is in the process of training other Managers as Green Belts and shop floor Supervisors as Yellow belts. 

Castall continuously improves through the DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALISE, IMPROVE & CONTROL PHASES by using 6 Sigma techniques. Projects are selected based on results from measure of Cost of Poor Quality. DOE’s are conducted to analyse, improve and control the process. The cost reduction achieved is shared with the customer towards year-on-year cost reduction programme.


Castall is proud to announce that by implementing all the above it has achieved zero defect on 100% of exports for 3 consecutive years. No Inspection Status is achieved with a Deming awarded company. After adding upstream and downstream operations, although the product quality is more challenging, castall always thrives to minimize the PPM levels from 3 digit to 2 digit levels.