Concept to product



Over the years catall has acquired complete competence and technologies to design, develop  manufacture and test parts and sub assemblies as per customers requirements and support as a one stop shop.

Components are developed with focus on Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement through Value Engineering. Product Development is headed by senior team leaders with over 30 years of Automotive manufacturing background. Castall's unique strength is in its innovative die designs, and specializes in multi cavity dies. It has engineers trained in die concepts from Buhler, Switzerland.

Customer’s drawings are accepted electronically through soft copy. Component design and development is done using various software’s including PRO-e, AutoCAD, Catia, etc.

Die’s and Fixtures

In house facilities include complete mould base and Dies manufacturing, assembly and prove outs including die servicing. Required fixtures for trimming, machining holding fixtures are also made in house.

Die casting

Castall manufactures castings from various non ferrous metals and alloys including ALSI-132, ADC-12, ALSi 9 Cu3 Fe, ALSI-10, A380, A380 B, and other Alloys . The product weight range from 25 grams to 5 kgs in aluminium, But mostly operating between 200gms to 1.5 kgs

A good infrastructure is available to support world class products and customers. The manufacturing facilities include high-pressure die casting machines up to 725 Tons fully automated real time monitored Buhler and Lk machines. The automation consists of Temperature Controlled Electrical furnaces, Auto Spray mechanism, Auto Ladle mechanism and Runner Trimming presses etc. The real time monitoring help in analyzing the velocities and pressures applied for each casting independently to ensure good product quality at all times. The core die-casting is supported with Vacuum Pressure die casting, Induction melting Alloy plant.



Machining and downstream operations.

To bring more value to the customer as a single window  supplier with all in house facilities and controls downstream operations like , CNC Turning Centres,VMC Machining on 4th Axis & 5th Axis Rotary & SPM Machining as available. Heat Treatment, Vibrio Finishing, Tumblasting, Shot Blasting, Surface Treatment , Vacuum Impregnation,Chromatising Plant, Ultrasonic washing , Vacuum drying are available in house to supply a fully tested ready to assemble, Sub-assemblies.


Testing& Metrological Lab

Sophisticated Measuring &Testing equipment’s like CMM, Spectro Lab, Contracer, UTM, Thermal Imaging,Differential pressure leak testing, Boroscope, Microscopic are available inhouse along with other General Purpose metrological Instrument.

Capability to measure Linear measurements up to one micron and weight up to one milligram, Residue levels for both gravemetry and granlometry is available through in-house instruments.



5S techniques are practiced to maintain a clean and safe shop floor. Materials movement is monitored with Traceability and Identification at all stages. All furnaces electrical furnaces also ensure eco - friendly and safe melting practices.



The manufacturing team at Castall is constantly trained as per the annual training calendar to upgrade with changing technologies, manufacturing techniques and quality systems.

New challenges are solved through brain-storming sessions using problem solving technique like Root Cause Analysis, Why-Why analysis, Fishbone Diagram etc. Continual Training is conducted by the in-house Six Sigma Black Belt to ensure enhancement of Castall’s knowledge base.


Singe window option with All Round Capability to deliver concept to product

Castall has Technologically advanced from its core business of castings to Backward integration that is concepts, designs and value engineering, Side ward integration that is tools, dies and fixtures, Forward integration that is CNC machining and sub-assemblies This gives a good control on all stages that is from concept to the finished product and become a one stop shop to supply a world class products Based on its “All Round Capability”.