About Us

Castall is a technology oriented company. The mission is to produce high quality non-ferrous die castings,
machined parts, Auto component and sub-assemblies. We build critical parts through innovative processes. Castall focuses on long term relationships with quality oriented Customers.


LOGO  explains the philosophy of the company which is  quantified scientifically.

CAST -represents manufacturing of castings and All -represents  all types of markets like Automotive, Appliance, Engineering Etc..,

The company operates in several alloys of Aluminium which is represented through the bright shining colour.

TALL-signifies that the company stands tall among its competitors by winning the National Award for Best Foundry Seven times from Aluminum Die Casters Association.

TECHNOLOGIES-Represents the focus of the company by developing it’s new products through innovative, Advanced technological processes and Equipments.

 The oval shape around the name represents the globe, as castall is a global player by supplying it’s products to global multinational customers through it’s global logistics and supply chain management.

GREEN color represents Friendly wherein the company is customer friendly, employee friendly and ECO friendly.

Customer  friendly- as castall understands and supports the increasing demands of customers for Quality, Cost and Delivery through low PPM, Value Engineering and just in time Delivery

Employee friendly - by continuously training and prioritizing existing  employees and providing them the first opportunity for taking up higher positions and grow along with the company.

ECO friendly- by manufacturing through innovative, high yield designs resulting in reducing the required molten aluminium and lowering global warming .

YELLOW color represents prosperity seen through a good year-on-year all round growth in terms of revenues, number of customers, parts, machinery and employees and maintains a stable and sustainable growth.